DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS is a collaboration between The Guild and ARTE META. It brings together 50 OG crypto artists and a team of d’strict artists called ARTE META. ARTE META is a crypto art project by South Korea's top digital design company, d'strict. DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS is the largest collaborative artwork on Async Blueprint, featuring 10 layers and 85 states, which make 251,596,800 unique combinations possible. The DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS collection features 1337 generative works, which include 3 Legendary animated 1/1 artworks. These 1/1s are the hidden gems of the collection. Collect them to unlock more treasures from the Spirits of the Forest. 

ARTE META is a Crypto artist unit of digital design company d'strict. ARTE META operates within the Crypto art scene as a creator of an unrivaled immersive experience through works that expand and evolve beyond time and space. By converging various technologies and creative capabilities, ARTE META continuously trailblazes a new realm in digital content creation and explores the possibilities of the present and future.

The Guild is a self-funded, artist-led, global collective that creates collaborations between multidisciplinary artists, from OGs to new, undiscovered gems. It was founded on Ethereum.

Formed as an artist group co-creating together on large-scale art collaborations, we believe in art and decentralisation, with the latter allowing artists to flourish in unprecedented ways. Through large organic collaborations and commercial releases, we've established ourselves as the first non-blockchain specific, hybrid DAO and first-known Non-Fungible Organisation (NFO).

We're futurists, artivists, parents, punks, apes, pixel freaks, developers, musicians, poets, artists. But most importantly, we're a global family.