APRIL 30, 2022 ~ JULY 20, 2022






ARTE META and Hackatao will be presenting [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO, a boundary-pushing artwork that brings together artists working in different styles and time zones for a meaningful exploration of new values by straddling reality and the metaverse.

[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO marks a genesis NFT artwork and a public debut project for ARTE META. It is also the first-ever offline exhibition of Hackatao’s work in South Korea. This transcultural collaboration will be exhibited in ARTE MUSEUM VALLEY (also known as ARTE MUSEUM GANGNEUNG), produced and operated by digital design company d’strict.

[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO explores the multiplicity of life: its circularity, individuality, ephemerality, and hope.

The work features a deer adorned with the garlands of flowers living in an ethereal forest. In the imagination of ARTE META and Hackatao, the deer metamorphosizes into the Spirit of Land, a guardian of the very ground we come from and walk on.

[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO is a 1/1 NFT artwork that will be minted during the period of the offline exhibition on a primary digital art market platform.

Enabled by the unrivaled digital content production prowess of ARTE META, [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO provides a unique and personal interaction for each audience. It is a ‘user-generative’ work that responds to an audience’s presence and physical interaction with different patterns and colors.

A deer appears when you enter the space of a beautifully subdued and tranquil forest. The deer detects when an audience is present and approaches the audience by taking a few steps. When one touches the deer, it gets embellished with beautiful flowers, only to cease and appear again at the interacting person’s command.

This adaptable and experiential work highlights the singularity of an individual’s experience, a different conjecture that most static forms of the artistic medium would have difficulty with. This interaction-driven spectatorship is a staggering testament to the advancement of modern-day technology, providing a ground for the ARTE META’s audacious plan to break boundaries between the virtual and the real and ultimately cause meaningful and duly commotions to take down the wall between genres and the scions of conservative fine art viewership.

Deers have been stewards of human imagination; their ubiquitous yet alluring presence have influenced the making of our cultural legacies, from Norse mythology to the poems of Shakespeare, Korean folktales, and the works of contemporary artists like Joseph Beuys and Frida Kahlo. In [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO, the artist duo Hackatao incorporated the visual, literary, and conceptual interpretation of deer from various cultures in the design of deer’s skin using their signature ‘flow-of-consciousness’ drawing style.

The deer’s reserved nature often makes the accounts of their interaction with humans endearing and indelible, something that Hackatao can attest to:

At the early age of 10 to 11 years old, S of Hackatao encounters a deer in nature and ever since forms a connection with the wild animal. S and his brothers used to take cows to graze in the alpine pasture, their sheepdog named ‘Laika’ would always accompany them. They were free, they wandered through the woods. They stop to rest and eat under a great rock when they hear loud barking. Has Laika come across a wild creature? All of a sudden a deer gracefully jumps over their heads and runs away. They catch a glimpse of the animal, in awe.

This pastoral and nostalgic description of one of the duo’s childhood encounters with a deer serves as a basis for the artist’s long-time fascination with the animal. This intimate link to the wonders of Mother Nature explains why the duo has stepped away from urban living to be closer to nature again.

Despite their unprecedented and pioneering success in the NFT scene, a soaring artistic movement/community powered by cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, they currently reside somewhere where they can see deers ambling in their backyard for food.

This momentous collaboration enjoys a distinctive advantage of building on and extending the experience of ARTE MUSEUM VALLEY, an offline immersive media art exhibition space located in one of the biggest tourist destinations, Gangneung, South Korea. Since its establishment in September 2020, ARTE MUSEUM has achieved tremendous growth, now operating in 3 locations in South Korea and attracting 10,000 visitors a day on average.

[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO sets out to bring stunning visual creations from the digital world into the physical and much-visited space of ARTE MUSEUM VALLEY, expanding the realm of spectatorship and interaction with spectacularly immersive and innovative experiences.

The architect behind this alchemical collaboration is Numomo, the world’s premier creative NFT agency focused on Asia. Numomo authored one of the most widely read books on NFTs in South Korea, NFT Revolution (2021); this vade mecum for NFT novices includes an exclusive interview with the OG NFT artist duo Hackatao to learn about their contribution and crypto art journey. Since last year, Numomo’s co-founders, Scott Fuzion and Dr. Rolf Hoefer have partnered with d’strict to lay the cornerstone for the company’s new venture into the world of crypto art. Numomo, who describes the collaboration as “boundary-pushing,” wrote in a Discord chat with ARTE META that [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO will “inspire artists and collectors to think beyond the digital frame and explore innovative ways how audiences can interact with NFT artworks in offline spaces,” a statement of conviction rooted in the Numomo’s decade-long commitment to exponentially expanding the world of tokens, including NFTs.

[SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO, ARTE META’s genesis NFT artwork with the veteran Hackatao, marks the beginning of many different ventures. ARTE META will soon establish its offline exhibition spaces in Seoul and New York.

In May, a collaboration with the largest collective of NFT artists, The Guild, will explore a multi-edition generative artwork. ARTE META also plans to open a metaverse-driven platform that provides a virtual art experience.

Moving atypical both in the context of the offline exhibition and how the NFT scene operates, ARTE META is stepping into a world where IRL and metaverse are on the verge of redefining their syntactic relationship with humanity. And the result of their collaboration is as idiosyncratic and sublime as an encounter with the Spirit of a mystical forest.







RESOLUTION 2,400 X 3,300







ARTE META is a crypto art project of digital design company d’strict. ARTE META will provide an unrivaled immersive experience through works that expand and evolve beyond time and space. 

By converging various technologies and creative capabilities, d’strict continuously trailblazes a new realm in digital content creation and explores the possibilities of the present and the future.

Hackatao was born in 2007. The OG artist duo is among the pioneers of the international Crypto art movement, having minted their f irst on the blockchain back in 2018

In these early years, Hackatao actively participated in the construction of the cryptoverse and NFT space. In 2018 Hackatao also introduced augmented reality within their practice for the f irst time, an umbilical cord between the physical works and the digital tokens. Hackatao investigates historical and pop-cultural phenomena in their signature flat style and ‘flow-of-consciousness’ graphic drawings, shedding light on contemporary social, political, and environmental issues.

Numomo is the premier global creative NFT agency focused on Asia. Being strategically headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Numomo is operating f rom the cultural center of Asia. Its core mission is to onboard the next million metaverse users.

To this end, Numomo has published a best-selling book, NFT Revolution, with over 100,000 copies sold and translated versions in Taiwanese and Chinese to be released this summer. In addition, Numomo is currently working with Krust, a global business partner of Klaytn, to further expand Korea’s metaverse, NFT and K-art (Korean art) communities.