The Guild is proud to announce a new generative NFT experience in partnership with ARTE META, a crypto art project by the South Korea’s top digital design company d’strict, coordinated by Numomo, the premier global NFT agency in Asia.  

ARTE META x The Guild

The Guild is releasing a multiple edition, generative project titled DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS. Featuring 1,337 artworks, together they will form part of a whole. That is, a forest in Spring bloom with two deers taking centre stage. 

Hosted on Async Blueprints, the project will be launching It will see the merging of Async’s layered states with d’strict’s 3D technology to bring you a series of uniquely generated spirits that will grant holders benefits and discounted access to the ARTE MUSEUM, d’strict’s offline immersive art exhibition spaces in South Korea. Each spirit artwork is also eligible for two future ‘presale lists’ spots for upcoming drops with ARTE META and/or The Guild. Additionally, there are a total of three legendary pieces for the super-lucky collectors. There will be no duplicates. 

The presale list is now open. Presales of DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS will start on 17 May 2022, during which wallets will be allowed to mint a maximum of 2 spirits. But collectors can top up this purchase during the public sale with a maximum of 5 per transaction/wallet. 

Async Blueprints for what exactly?

It’s less about for what than it is for whom… and more importantly why. Blueprints is a canvas template that allows Async creators to develop generative art projects. Think CryptoPunks or Bored Apes, each NFT with a set amount of traits randomly generated to form the characters our community has come to love. As an Async artist, you have a brand-new, all-in-one tool to effectively build a generative project without requiring a team of coders, developers, and technologists. The Guild is pulling together some Crypto Artist OGs to take advantage of this new, democratising art tech.

The participating artists, 45 deep, are as follows…

Shinji Akhirah

Rutger van der Tas



Ytje Veenstra






Pule the witch doctor 


Tom Abbink 


Niels Broszat 

Gert-Jan Akerboom 



Silje Thorn


King Debs 



Shelly Soneja 

Danil Pan 




Airco Caravan 


Lapin Mignon 

Becca Kennedy 

Asian Junkies 


Bryan Brinkman 

Jopet Arias 

Jason Duckmanton


Matt Kane  


Fabin Rasheed  


George Boya  

Dave Baranes 

Anthea Missy  

Own a slice of generative art history when DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS pre-launches on 17 May 2022 or at the public launch on 19 May 2022.

About d’strict and ARTE META

d’strict is a world-class digital design company creating innovative spatial experiences by integrating content and digital media technology. Some of their most rewarding projects have been in the realm of “digi-tainment,” most notably one that provides an immersive media art experience inviting the audience to actively engage with and sometimes even contribute to the content.

d’strict is entering the world of metaverse as ARTE META with guidance from Numomo, the premier creative NFT agency, to collaborate with the most prominent OG NFT artist collective in the game, The Guild, for their genesis NFT Art project called DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS.

ARTE META is a crypto artist unit of digital design company d'strict. ARTE META operates within the crypto art scene as a creator of an unrivaled immersive experience through works that expand and evolve beyond time and space. By converging various technologies and creative capabilities, ARTE META will continuously explore a new realm in digital content creation and the possibilities of the present and future.

About The Guild 

The Guild is the first Non Fungible Organisation founded on the Ethereum blockchain in 2020. It is an inclusive, dynamic and interdisciplinary arts collective with a key focus on cultivating creative collaboration, promoting cross-cultural synergy, positivity, equality and artistic sustainability. Many of The Guild artists have been in the NFT space since its inception, and we made sure to gather the best of the best. To date, the Guild has had several record-breaking sales. Our nested NFT artwork Pandora’ Box was sold for 42 ETH , while the Cyber Watch sold for 88 ETH. Both were record breaking sales on the respective platforms. Most recently, we also sold out all 9,000 avatars of the Sports Lion avatars, created in partnership with the SportsIcon.

About Numomo

Numomo is the premier global creative NFT agency focused on Asia. Being strategically headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Numomo is operating from the cultural center of Asia. Its core mission is to onboard the next million metaverse users. To this end, Numomo has published a best-selling book, NFT Revolution, with over 100,000 copies sold and translated versions in Taiwanese and Chinese to be released this summer. In addition, Numomo is currently working with Krust, a global business partner of Klaytn, to further expand Korea’s metaverse, NFT and K-art (Korean art) communities. 

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