ARTE META, a Crypto artist unit, and Hackatao, a leading artist in the NFT scene, 

showcase a boundary-pushing artwork from their latest collaboration. 

This project brings together the two artists working in different genres for a meaningful collaboration that experiments and explores a new value of straddling reality and the metaverse.



Encounter the Spirit of Land, one of the Four Elementals that grace the world with the energy of longevity, regeneration, and eternal youth. The Spirit's skin created by Hackatao encapsulates their worldview, visually codifying different kinds of social issues and messages. The Spirit's body imagined by ARTE META is made up of flowers that represent the vigor of the land and the cycle of new life, rejuvenation, and revival. This ‘user-generative’ work responds to an audience's presence and action with different patterns and colors. Each interaction creates a new variation of the Spirit, making as many different kinds of deer as the number of visitors to this mystical forest. 

ARTE META is a Crypto artist unit of digital design company d'strict. ARTE META operates within the Crypto art scene as a creator of an unrivaled immersive experience through works that expand and evolve beyond time and space. By converging various technologies and creative capabilities, ARTE META continuously trailblazes a new realm in digital content creation and explores the possibilities of the present and future.


Hackatao was born in 2007. The OG artist duo is among the pioneers of the international Crypto art movement, having minted their first on the blockchain back in 2018. In these early years, Hackatao actively participated in the construction of the cryptoverse and NFT space. In 2018 Hackatao also introduced augmented reality within their practice for the first time, an umbilical cord between the physical works and the digital tokens. Hackatao investigates historical and pop-cultural phenomena in their signature flat style, shedding light on contemporary social, political, and environmental issues.